Yard Drainage Solutions

How our system is different than "french drains"
How our system is different than “french drains”

Specializing  our unique “yard drain” wicking systems. Don has over thirty years’ experience working with Tidewater fluctuating water tables issues. Unlike “French Drains” strip drains do not clog or require to be flushed since it works off Hydro-static pressure 

Yard Drains

This system is designed   to release excessive water either standing in the yard or around the outside foundation of your home. The most important characteristic of any subsurface drainage system is its ability to collect water from the surrounding soil. Pipe and stone systems have major limitations when compared to prefabricated drain systems. The open area in our prefabricated sheet & strip drains far exceeds that of a perforated pipe. Without proper drainage, playground areas become an area for standing water. Prefabricated drains are designed to collect and re-direct water, allowing the area to dry quickly and efficiently with the water flows through the filter system and into the channels of the drain core where it can flow vertically out of the soil Using this method of accelerating the consolidation process, uneven post-construction settlements can be virtually eliminated. These systems are used in mostly commercial situations such as interstates, beneath football fields, bypasses The polymeric core act as a pipe and is manufactured to compressive strengths that eliminate the need for aggregate backfill. The core is fully wrapped with a geotextile filter fabric which retains soil particles while allowing water to freely enter the drainage core This gives the AWD strip drain product the potential to collect 50 times more water*, or collect the same amount of water 50 times faster*, than a standard perforated pipe over the same period of time

Drain outlet -weeks after the rain

                        This photo was taken after rain had stopped a week prior , this system is designed to keep taking the water pressure out of the areas


Excessive water  pressure coming out from beneath the slab around a pool ,water flows through the filter fabric of the drain and into the channels of the drain core where it can flow vertically out of the soil

 0325141349b_resized                             Each system is designed and placed to meet the best results of situation

0325141507c_resizedEvery job has our signature and we leave your property as if it was our home and comes with our signature warranty

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